Virtual Organizing

What is virtual organizing and why might it be right for my RV life?

Virtual organizing is organizing using some combination of Skype, FaceTime, email, and photos or video to create the environment you want. There are many advantages to working this way. They are:

  1. It’s less expensive than traditional organizing because you are doing “homework” in between sessions
  2. We will do it in one-hour increments so it’s less stressful and easier to schedule It doesn’t matter where you are for our sessions. You can even be in one state for our first session and in another for the next!
  3. There’s a lot of flexibility to use the time the way you want. If I’m in your actual home or rv and we’ve torn apart your whole kitchen we are committed. But with virtual organizing, we can tackle a bunch of smaller projects together.
  4. You can schedule the appointments whenever it’s convenient for you, even if that’s at night or on a weekend

How would this work?

You request a 15-minute free consultation and we talk to make sure we are a good fit. If you want to proceed I will send you an assessment and you return it with pictures of the area or areas you want to work on. You pick a package and we pick a date and time that works for you. Feel to reach out to me using the contact form below.

I’m not sure where to start? My whole RV is disorganized.

I know there are challenges particular to living in a small space. (We are in a 32-foot Minnie Winnie.)

When I organized for people in Nashville a big part of my job was to give people permission to get rid of things. While this may come into play with RV living, it’s more a recognition of what you use and what you don’t (since we can’t put things in a garage or storage shed) or possibly finding better ways to store what you have.

What I will tell you is that I will not push or shame you into getting rid of things. This is a partnership and I want you to be happy with the results but not at the expense of getting rid of things you aren’t ready to let go of. (Although I may send you a Youtube link to one of those cute “LetGo” commercials!)

I’m still not sure if I’m a good candidate for this. What else can you tell me?

For this to work you do need to be motivated to work on your own… with guidance and direction from me. It doesn’t matter if you are usually organized and are just stuck in one area or if organizing isn’t your thing. I can help you either way.

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