MAYday, MAYday!

As some of you who follow me on Instagram may have heard, after being in an RV park for over two months, apparently, we forgot how to travel!

We were 27 minutes into our trip this past Monday and stopped to get gas at a teeny, tiny gas station (What were we thinking?) and long story very short had an altercation with a concrete post that ended up making Riley (our Jeep) incapacitated.

It didn’t look that bad, at first glance, but we tried to continue to pull him into the parking lot and the sound from the back tires/brakes was not a noise you want to hear, ever. Sure enough, skipping over several agonizing hours, we had him towed to the Jeep dealer, which was within walking distance.

We were on our way to Las Vegas to see an Elton John concert (my Mother’s Day present until the year 2028!) and didn’t want to miss it. Plus, we had no idea how long it would take to fix the Jeep or how that would work with insurance. The good news/bad news is that we haven’t been in a wreck since 1987 so didn’t remember how insurance claims are handled.

Anyway, since the Jeep dealer couldn’t even look at Riley until Tuesday, we prayed and decided to head four hours north and keep my date with Elton.

Not too shabby for a 71-year-old!

In hindsight, this was the right decision. We got the “rough” estimate and it’s $6,862 not including any suspension work that may or may not be needed. Moreover, it will take 2-3 weeks to fix. Although this wasn’t awesome news, at least we can start to formulate a plan.

We are now motoring through Nevada without Riley and need to be in Junction City, OR by May 7 so Fred can get fixed. (We have never had the best luck with vehicles.) The main issue once both vehicles are fixed is that they will be roughly 20 hours apart.

Luckily, I haven’t totally lost my sense of humor!

Thanks goodness, I watch enough reality tv to know that there are people who can deliver vehicles to you across the country… although I’m guessing it’s not cheap. Anyway, that’s where we are so there’s no use in getting freaked out about it.



Back Home Again in Indiana

I grew up in northern Indiana and we are back for two weeks.  My oldest son got married this past Saturday and we are taking time to be with family.  It has been fun, but exhausting.  There are just a lot of balls in the air when you are trying to coordinate life with your mother-in-law, six adult kids, their spouses, kids and work schedules.

My baby sister, bless her heart, drove up from the Austin area and spent a week here.  I’m sure she will throw a bigger party than I will when our last child is married and she can stop making these long trips!

Still…I feel very blessed to be a part of this family.  Of course, you can’t gather twenty-some people together and have everything go perfectly, but we all get along and try to prefer each other and everyone is extremely giving.

Five of our six kids. We missed you Marta!

Ben (the groom) was actually at the hospital ER six days before his wedding, having been dehydrated with a bad case of the flu so I was  worried that he would still be sick on his wedding day. 

Ben giving me more gray hair than I already have!!

Although he wasn’t 100 percent, that didn’t deter from the joy of the day.  All in all, we had family members there from ages 10 months to 79 years.

We still have five days here, then it’s back to southern California and up the coast into Seattle.  We have been texting with several full-timers who will be in the same areas this summer and I’m excited about getting together with them.

Like I said, I just feel very blessed to be part of a loving family and to be meeting an amazing new group of people (through social media of all places!) as we continue through this journey of life.

The happy couple at the reception

Carpe diem!

Full-time RVers: The Only Thing You Can Control is Your Attitude

When push comes to shove, most people admit they don’t have a ton of control over their lives.  When you join the club of full-time RVers, it’s your first lesson.  When planning your life, write everything in pencil! The one thing all RVers have in common, whether you live in a van or a 40-foot Class A diesel pusher, is that things will go wrong!

Whether the cause is weather, traffic, breakdowns, full parks,  or family emergencies, there will be times when you can’t go where you want or do what you want.

Brent and myself, cutting edge RVers that we are, have had all the above scenarios happen to us!

Weather Related Delays

I’m guessing of the plan busters, weather and breakdowns are tied for the most common problem.  Sometimes it’s just too windy or stormy or icy to travel.

When you are in a car, you can pretty much tackle any road condition.  Not true in an RV.  The first time weather affected us, we couldn’t get out of a crappy park because of bad storms.  I wanted to risk it but Brent (the more logical one and perhaps, not coincidentally, the driver), made us stay put. I wasn’t happy but put on my big girl panties, and only whined for three or four hours!

Detours and Bottlenecks

Amazingly enough, even though we have gone more than 12,000 miles in seven months and have hit 28 states, traffic has been the least of our worries. Only once (Do I dare say this out loud?) have our travel plans been altered by traffic conditions and we only had to go an hour out of our way when a road was closed because of an accident. So, I can’t complain too much about that.

One of the few traffic jams we have been in was on I75 near Tampa.

Fred (our RV) is Hospitalized

This is a topic that has come up way more than I ever hoped or expected but Fred is a bit, how do I say this nicely, delicate.  Or maybe a more accurate word is temperamental. When he gets angry or feels left out he retaliates immediately with expensive breakdowns.  Doors swing wide open in the middle of the night, pipes burst and toilets start leaking.  Come to think of it, he sounds more haunted than angry.  Maybe I should look into this.

This topic is thoroughly covered in the blog section under the worst of times tab.  If you want to feel better about your RV experience, this is must reading!

No Room in the Inn

The only time we have been in a full park situation was when we were driving into Phoenix on President’s Day weekend. Truthfully, I didn’t think President’s Day even counted as a “real” holiday but, apparently, it’s a big camping weekend across America. I called campground after campground but was told no each time. The other issue is that we aren’t 55 yet and almost every campground in AZ is 55 and older. Brent joked it’s bad when you need to lie about your age saying you are older than you are!

We ended up staying in a casino parking lot which was fine, but I was so stressed by the time we found it that the rest of the night didn’t go well. (You know, the nights where 300 square feet feels like 30?

Family Emergencies

You can read about this in more detail here, but our RV life didn’t exactly start out smoothly. I must say, though, that since our traumatic beginning I’ve read about lots of families who have had less than stellar starts. Not sure why this is so, but, suffice it to say, if you aren’t flexible you won’t last long as a full-time RVer.

When we set out as full-time RVers, we knew there would be ups and downs and that we wouldn’t always be in control.  Even more, we knew this would have to be okay.  For the most part we have been successful in this.  We didn’t know (and still don’t) how long we will be doing this.  But we are at peace whenever we let go and let Jesus take the wheel. (Thanks Carrie Underwood for the great metaphor!)

It’s all about perspective…


5 Steps for Organizing RV Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

I’ve been slow to write blog posts on specific areas of the RV, and especially kitchens as everyone’s RV kitchen tends to be different. For example, our fridge is on the small side at 7.2 cubic square feet, but some people have full sized refrigerators.

Some RVers have lots of counter or cabinet space, while others have almost none. I guess, honestly, our situation is somewhere in the middle in our Winnebago Minnie Winnie. We aren’t in a van so have more cabinet space than some, but our counter space is almost nil.

I wrote another post thinking that downsizing and traveling in our RV would somehow magically make me a better person, but, alas, that has not happened. I used to get jealous if someone had a nice house, now I’m jealous if they have a big fridge! But don’t worry. Even if I can’t make you a better person, I can help you make your RV work better for you.

How to Make your RV Kitchen all it can be?

1. Pull everything out of your drawers and cabinets.

Now, if your RV is new and you are putting things into it for the first time, you get a pass here and can start with step 2.

If your RV is already in use, you need to take a deep breath and be prepared to devote some time to this. I used to tell my Nashville clients that things will get worse before they get better.

Sadly, the first step in organizing is to take everything out of the cupboards and drawers and lay it out where you can see it. The counters or your kitchen table is ideal for this, but you can use any surface in your RV. If stuff spills over to your bed, don’t panic. We will get it back where it belongs.

2. Sort items by category, then purge.

Yes, there exceptions to this rule. I’m not telling you to pitch your Vitamix if you haven’t used it, but I am asking you to be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used it in six months, will you ever? Would it be better to sell it on Craigslist or give it to a friend or a relative who has been dying to have one and will use it?

You will need to sort by category so like goes with like.  That means baking dishes together, pots and pans together, utensils together, etc.  Then, start thinking about the best place to put these items. The general rule is to have things you use the most in a handy spot. So, in my kitchen, in the prime space above the sink, I have everything I use every day. For us, that’s a toaster, our glasses, bowls, plates and coffee pods. For you, that list may be different.

storage above sink in my RV

3. Buy (sparingly!) what you need

If you thought you had a can opener but don’t, write it down and buy it during your next Target run. Or maybe when going through things, you realize you have four plates and could really use six. Make a note of that. If you have an outdoor kitchen, be thinking what needs to be kept out there versus what needs to stay inside.

This is a good time to mention that all kitchen appliances, especially those you don’t use very often, don’t have to stay in the kitchen. I rarely use my crockpot but don’t want to get rid of it because I do use it for chili and pot roasts so I put it in the bedroom cabinet where there’s more room. And that’s one of my favorite things about RVing. There are no rules. Well, I guess there are a few like don’t overload your camper, but you know what I mean.

4. Measure twice and put away once.

This sounds simple, but it’s the hardest part for most people. I’ve been organizing Nashvillians for five years and have been on the road for seven months and I’m still tweaking things.

What am I saying? Don’t panic if everything isn’t perfect the first time. Done is better than perfect so do what makes sense to you and if, after a few days, you don’t like the setup, then change it.

The thing in my kitchen that keeps moving is my trash bags. Like most people, I had them under the sink, but I didn’t love that so a week ago I got the bright idea to put them in my bottom drawer. Now they just roll out one by one and it’s the perfect solution! But it took me, an organizer, seven months to come up with that! My point is – do what makes sense and you can change it up later if it’s not working.

Did you notice that I have a paper hole puncher in my kitchen drawer?  What?  Mutiny!  No, honestly, I use it a lot and it made sense for me to put it with other objects like Reynolds Wrap that were roughly the same size.  No rules…just right, to quote Outback Steakhouse!

And…this is where you might get to shop a little if you play your cards right. Please notice that this is step four and not step one! However, if you are like most people, you will have extra containers laying around and may want to check those out before buying new.

In your regular kitchen at home, measuring isn’t quite as important because you usually have more room to work with, but I measure everything in my RV kitchen before I buy anything. My pantry is narrow so I need to make sure the bins aren’t too wide. My drawers have some height but not much depth so that needs to be factored in.

I have several great options on my resources page for kitchen storage. My favorite products for storage in RV kitchens (or any kitchens for that matter) are Linus bins, fridge bins, the carousel with sides, and multi-purpose bins from The Container Store. The multi-purpose bins  are the only things I recommend that have to be bought at The Container Store since they are exclusive to them. Everything else can be found at Target or online at Amazon.

5. Finally, re-evaluate and make changes as necessary.

Maybe you realize you want to have a place to store paper goods in your kitchen and you didn’t think about that in the initial run through. Or you decide to keep some kitchen items in your basement so that frees up some space. You need to roll with the punches and not be afraid to change something that isn’t working.

The main thing to remember in organizing your RV kitchen is that you want to make things easy for yourself. That means keeping things where you can get to them quickly and not having so much stuff that you can’t find anything.  Good luck and Happy Kamping!

Camping Life: Is it Cherries or the Pits?

Naturally, as Brent and I have been on the road for seven months, we have come to realize that camping life has its ups and downs. I know there are lots of cute sayings out there that life is what you make it and make every day a good day, but sometimes that’s hard.

Take storms, for example. I’m not wild about them, especially when we are camped under large trees. But having been out in the desert now for several months, we are dealing with something way scarier than a mere storm…

High Wind Warnings

If you have ever seen those YouTube videos, you know what I’m talking about. A truck or RV or trailer is traveling down the road, starts to sway, and in just seconds it has toppled over and is careening into traffic. The day we drove to southern California, the wind was gusting, and Brent really had to concentrate to stay on the road. I don’t think he was in danger of tipping, just being blown into another lane by a sudden gust.

Then, several weeks later I was driving in the Jeep on an especially windy day and DID get blown off the road unexpectedly. It was TERRIFYING. Like someone or something had just picked up the Jeep and moved it over 10 feet. I was okay, but shaken.

Granted, this wasn’t me but I can relate to the pure fear/adrenaline rush when one minute you are on the road and the next minute you aren’t!

Now tonight there were warnings again and I woke up at 3:30 because the wind was roaring through our campground and poor Fred was literally shaking. (Shaking with fear, bless his heart, because the wind was really doing a number on him!)

In one part of my brain I know it’s very unlikely that he will tip over. In another, I remember that in all the news coverage of tornadoes, it’s always the mobile home park that gets targeted. Yikes! Scary stuff.

So, I’m doing the smart thing and waiting out the storm by eating lots of chocolate and binge watching old episodes of Blue Bloods. My other option is a five-hour shower in the concrete bath house about a block away. Decisions…decisions…

But the wind warning pales in comparison to life’s next pit.

When the Quickest Your RV Dealer Can See You for a Major Issue is Six Weeks Out

This has, without a doubt, been the most frustrating part of being a full-time RVer. When Brent and I drove away from the dealership last July, we knew we paid more for a new unit, but we didn’t know ANYTHING about camping life or RVs, so we wanted something with a warranty behind it. In hindsight, this was not a smart move.

Maybe when you are a weekend warrior and don’t have to be on the road everyday this might make sense, but we had a major leak in the first week inside our RV (water coming out of a loose fitting in the fresh water tank under our bed) so we called the Nashville dealership and they told us they couldn’t get to it for more than a month! What???? I was NOT happy.

We called Winnebago right away and they said if we wanted to get it fixed right away (um…yes…not a choice when water is streaming into your bedroom) we would have to use a mobile technician. Then they casually mentioned that we would have to pay for the service call part, and it would only be approved if the cost was “reasonable” which we would only find out after the technician had diagnosed the problem.  He was then to call Winnebago and get the okay. You’re kidding, right?

It’s Not Just a Winnebago Issue

I was beside myself with fury and disbelief but, after talking to other RV owners, this seems to be standard operating procedure. Super frustrating and, in my opinion, a little bit shady. Even now, I had to schedule five weeks out to go to one of Winnebago’s two only manufacturing plants to get a bunch of things fixed in Fred before the warranty runs out. I had to give them a detailed list and they said I can add things up to two weeks before the appointment but that was it.  Meaning… if anything happens after that, they can’t guarantee it will be fixed. Again, super frustrating.

Of course, just like life in a sticks and bricks home, things break, and repairs are a necessary (but evil!) part of life. The difference is, if your toilet springs a leak and you call the plumber, they don’t tell you they can get to it in six weeks.

What’s my point?  During the next spring storm, be thankful if you have a place to run and hide. And the next time you need a repair and it’s done the next day, give whoever fixes the problem a hug. They deserve it!

I’m Still Standing… In Joshua Tree National Park

Gosh…I don’t know where to start. From attempted stabbings to Joshua Tree Nastional Park, it has been a very busy week. I’ve missed posting but there were also some things I had to get done in my personal life and for Organized Kamper.  After that, for some reason, I was nervous to start this up again. It’s like when you haven’t journaled (or prayed or cleaned your house or…. fill in the blank) for a while and then you feel guilty and then you put it off longer and just feel worse. Hopefully someone out there can relate.

Instagram: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

Part of the problem is that since I started posting twice a day on Instagram I feel like I AM keeping up with everyone, and then I realize not everyone is on that platform.

For those of you who aren’t big readers though, I do recommend it. It’s a great way to get quick glimpses into someone’s life without making a big commitment!

While I’m on that subject, I’ve kind of settled down and am no longer “unfollowing” people in the middle of the night. Actually, I’m having way more fun with it now.

I found some other like-minded women and we have formed a little group #realcampersofInstagram.

As you can guess, I’m loving that and am two days into a five-day posting binge about how life “really” is versus how we portray it sometimes.

In today’s Instagram post, it’s a split screen and in one half I’m hugging Fred (on the day we met) and in the other half I’m stabbing him with a knife. (Brent said it might be a little too much of a commentary on how we like people right away and then, as we get to know them, they get on our every last nerve!) LOL

A picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

Anyway, as far as traveling goes, since we have been in the same place since the end of February, not much is happening there.

The Eimers Discover National Parks…For The First Time

We did get to our first national park yesterday afternoon though.  It was Joshua Tree and I loved it.

I know all the national parks are beautiful but this one was so unusual… like God just decided to dump random giant rock formations at different places in the middle of a desert. Amazing!

Its TOTALLY a coincidence that Brent is standing directly under that rock!


Have you ever heard of Skull Rock? Kinda creepy, eh?

In other news, after our son Ben’s wedding in two weeks, we are headed up the California coast and into Oregon, where Fred will be hospitalized for anywhere from several days to a week. Our warranty is up at the beginning of July, so we need to get a bunch of things fixed. Hopefully he will be a good patient and recover quickly.

Marta Takes Seattle By Storm

Then it’s up to Seattle to visit Marta. She has just landed a very sweet (note the pun!) job as a head pastry chef at a new restaurant opening there.

We are super proud of her, but it will be a ton of work getting the restaurant ready to open.

More to say, but I will try to post again in the next few days. and get Married

Hello there.  I’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks combining blog posts from into I had been doing a personal travel blog and a blog for my new business at Organized Kamper on different websites and decided to put them all together under the Organized Kamper umbrella.

While I have been working hard, my website dynamic duo, Dan and Lindsay from have been working even harder. 

I “met” Dan and Lindsay through Instagram and we connected right away because we both have Class C Winnebagos and Jeeps.  We started chatting and one thing led to another and before I knew it I had hired them to create my new website.

It was kind of a complicated situation as I already had ItsAllHisFault but didn’t like the theme and wanted to change everything.

Some Things Are Just Meant To Be

Words honestly can’t express how grateful I am to them. It was a great experience from start to finish.

Dan made training videos to help with the ins and outs of my new site. He answered all my questions in a timely manner and got the site done before the agreed upon time. Everything was very clear in the proposal and there were no surprises. They had great ideas and were very patient with me.

I’m extremely pleased with how my site turned out. Dan and Lindsay are wonderful people and made what could have been a very stressful situation for me (because I’m not tech savvy at all), enjoyable. I highly recommend them for their skills and because they are awesome people to work with and to know.

So … if you were a reader of the ItsAllHisFault blog, you can still find all that material and new personal posts about our journey in the blog tab on the menu and then click on “our story.”  

I hope you like the new site.  My new WordPress theme allows for a lot more flexibility and covers a lot more topics.

Give Me Some Love!

Comments would be much appreciated so I know that everything is working and that you have followed me over to

Thanks!  More soon…

My Love/Hate Relationship with Instagram

I’m not sure if this is a personality defect or just a trait, but when I do something, I’m usually “all in.”  This is true in most facets of my life, whether it’s a job or a relationship.

On the plus side, this means I can stay focused and am a hard worker but sometimes this translates into that gray area known as obsessive compulsive behavior.  I’m super competitive at tennis.  When I organize, I want it to look Pinterest perfect. When I interact with people, I want them to think I’m charming and amusing, and… well, you get the point.

The latest thing I’ve “discovered” (as in, like, how Al Gore discovered the internet) is Instagram.

Sure, I knew about it and my kids were on it, but I never understood the fuss.  Now, after 64 days, 12 hours and 4 minutes, I’m eating, sleeping and thinking Instagram 24/7.

I’m on the phone in the middle of the night checking to see if there are new followers.  If somebody dared to “unfollow” me, I get on that phone and “unfollow” them back as quickly as humanly possible.  I keep lists of who I followed first to see if they follow me back and was giddy when I got to 300 followers recently.  Seriously…it’s a sickness.

I will say, because I have a touch of OCD, I’m good at it.  I don’t just slap up a picture of our pet (maybe because we don’t have one) or what we had for dinner (because I’m usually eating it before I remember what a great shot it would make), I give these posts serious thought. They are (hopefully!) an interesting combination of funny sayings, helpful tips for organizing, and family shots so people know I’m a real person.

Now this is my kind of “to do” list! 🙂

But I can’t leave it alone.  I’m embarrassed to admit, I have lists of things that would make good posts.  Even more embarrassing, I go trolling through free photo sites, looking for even better pictures for better posts.  (Usually these are the funny sayings because they are hard to think up on the spur of the moment.)

It has me thinking, really, what is the end game here? 

Last night I even looked up one of my kids, the one who I thought would have the most followers and sure enough, (dang it!), he’s has 702 followers and has 711 people following him.  Even worse, his dog has an account that he started Feb. 12 OF THIS YEAR and Freya has 123 followers already.  I did tell Jon if Freya ever gets more followers than me there will be blood.  (Of course, Freya is a German Shepherd puppy who weighs in at 80 pounds, so maybe I should go light on the threats!)

Stupid, stupid, (ADORABLE) puppy!

Anyway, today I finally decided enough is enough.  I need to wean myself away from Instagram.  Not entirely, because as I continue with my organizing business for campers, I’m going to want those contacts.  But I need to stop spending so much time and energy on it.

For me, this feels very similar to having my Jeep Wrangler.

When you have a Jeep, you are supposed to wave to other people in Jeeps and it’s such a little dumb thing but it’s always fun to feel like a part of a community and Instagram does that for me. 

I write cute little comments to people and they write back and it’s just a moment of connection that feels good.  And…in my defense, tonight we are meeting an Instagram family who is at the same RV park in southern CA where we are and I’ve noticed that quite a few RVers seem to meet up this way.


Meet Riley! Another one of our vehicles with gender identification issues!

I honestly think, as my followers grow, that it might provide some real connections and that’s exciting.  But then I get way ahead of myself and think if I can’t keep up with 300 followers, what will happen if I ever get to 1,000?  Do you see how tangled this web can become?

Everything in moderation.  Heavy sigh.  Well, I will try anyway.


There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy… The World According to a Four-Year-Old

Do you have anything that has almost no material value but that you wouldn’t want to live without?

Since we live in our RV, I had to be careful to pare down these items, but several sentimental things might have slipped in at the last minute.

When my daughter Molly was young, her favorite stuffed animal was a Winnie the Pooh that has been passed down to her daughter.  As you can imagine, Pooh was pretty beat up after being Molly’s favorite bear and strangely enough, even though he isn’t beautiful (studly?) he is Piper’s can’t do without toy as well.

In fact, when Molly told Piper that her toys had to stay upstairs she said, “Pooh’s not a toy…he’s a friend!” Hard to argue with that logic.

Sadly, though, in recent weeks Piper has developed the bad habit of picking at what remains of Pooh’s fur as she goes to sleep. This is quickly on its way to becoming a catastrophe which is what prompted Molly to write to a restoration service.  She was hoping that “all the king’s horses and all the king’s men” could put Winnie-the-Pooh back together again.

This is the “well loved” Pooh.

Their reply so tickled me that I had to share it. Here it is in part…

“Thank you for your inquiry to my stuffed animal hospital regarding Pooh Bear.  It does look like Pooh has had quite a few adventures!  There are a few options for his care:

  1. I can stitch any holes and otherwise leave him alone.

This keeps him looking as he is but does not make him much sturdier.  It is my minimum charge of $35 and takes about a week.

  1. I can give him fur transplants where he is balding, which is a sturdier solution, but leaves a bit of a patchwork effect.

However, it would not slow future balding of the original fur.  It is $150 and takes about 3 weeks.

  1. I can recover him in new fur, leaving his original eyes, nose and mouth exposed.

His original fur would still be underneath, reinforcing his old fur.  I would get as close as possible to his original fur color and texture.  Perfect matches are rarely possible, but if that were the case I would send photos of him with transplant options so you could choose what you’d like best.  This is $250 and takes about a month.

With any of the above options, you may add our gentle spa if you’d like. 

The spa includes hand washing, air drying inside under skylights, all new stuffing, and hand fluffing of fur.  If you’d like, a small amount of original fur may be preserved in a heart in his chest.  The spa is $50 more with any option above and would extend his stay by 1-2 weeks.”

Where do I start?

She talks of stitching him up, bald spots, transplant options and spa treatments. Are we talking about a person or a stuffed animal? Oh my! 

For $300 we could buy Piper a wagon load of new Pooh bears! I must say, I did respond maturely to Molly, telling her if she pays for a spa day for anyone, it better be her mother!

What’s my point here?

Obviously, this woman would not have a business if people weren’t willing to pay a lot of money to restore things that don’t have much material value but are “priceless.”

So, I joke about it, but think it’s cool that there are enough people who understand and treasure “the least of these” to keep businesses like this one going.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting … To Spend a Year in our RV

It’s funny but when I told people we were going to spend a year in our RV traveling across the country, I always got one of two reactions.

Oh, I always wanted to do that. You guys are so lucky.


You guys are crazy and will probably kill each other!

There was no 1.5 option and friends and family came down evenly between the two. For the most part, the people with the first reaction were jealous because they felt like we were going on a year-long vacation. The people with the second opinion realized that Brent and I would be with each other almost 24/7 in something roughly the size of a storage shed!

I’m sure you are dying to know who was right. Well, depending on the day (or the time of the month!) it has gone both ways. Some days I wake up and feel super blessed and sometimes I feel like a rat in a trap.

We have had awesome moments seeing the beauty of this country and frustrating moments where I wanted to walk back to Nashville and admit this was all a colossal mistake.

spend a year in our RV
It was a dark a stormy night


6 Months Into Our RV Journey

I think after six months on the road this is what I’ve discovered. Life is life and the problems of living in a RV might be different, but no matter where you are or what you are doing, nobody has a stress-free life.

In the time that we have been on the road three of our six kids have moved to a different state and all three changed jobs. This has been hard for me because I’m sure I would have helped had we stayed in Nashville. One of the best things about Yikes was that I could make my own schedule and have days off to be with family or help with those kinds of things.

I’m also having a bit of an identity crisis. People always ask where you live and what you do and the answer to both of those things has changed for me.

Am I still “from” Nashville even though we don’t live there anymore? Do people really want to know my life story when they ask this? Sadly, I’m guessing not!

What is good about this year is that Brent and I are re-evaluating everything. I think 32 years into a marriage this is healthy and much-needed. What do we want our remaining years to look like? Brent joked in his first blog about reinventing himself but we really do have a chance to do that. Here’s hoping we do it right…or at least make it interesting! 😊