When Your Playground Becomes a Water Park

I’ve been feeling restless this past week.  It’s a combination of things but sometimes life in 250 square feet (or whatever our exact measurements are) can be rough.  I was just feeling penned in and claustrophobic.

Brent and I are planning on visiting Nashville (where we spent seven years before our travels started) at the end of August, but suddenly that didn’t feel soon enough. I still have a daughter and son-in-law there and a bunch of friends and I’ve been feeling “homesick.”

Long story short, I checked into flights and found out that you can book them the same way you book hotels (through Priceline) and get much better rates if you leave a few things up to chance…like when you leave and where your layover is.  So, I threw caution to the wind and booked a flight for tomorrow!

I’m excited for the change of pace, to shower in a real shower and sleep in a bed that’s big enough for me.  RV life is wonderful overall, but there are some things I miss…a lot! I’m ready to get caught up with family, connect with some clients, and play tennis…for the first time in five months.  Sheesh!

Our campground for the past 10 days has been interesting.  We are right on the Mississippi River (or an inlet?) and it has been rising every day.  There has been some flooding in the campground, but they have a very sophisticated system of knowing how much the water will rise every day and where it will crest.

I had been hoping to go kayaking, canoeing and SUPing but the water has been too high, and they won’t rent anything until the water gets back down to a “normal” level.  Oh well, I got out there one day anyway in a kayak and it was a little scary (because I was alone on the river) but fun.

The plan after I get back is to spend another week or so here and then head back to Fort Wayne for about six weeks.  I feel like the summer will go fast and before we know it we will be heading back to southern CA for our fall/winter work camp time.

I’m staying out of trouble by working on a devotional book for women.  I thought about putting it together five years ago and never did so this is long overdue.  I’m excited to get everything that I’ve learned about God in 50 plus years down on paper.  I hope it encourages someone!

All in all, things are good, and life continues to surprise me.



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  1. Howdy Barb! Glad to hear you are starting to write a new book.

    If you are still in Nashville give me shout and let’s hit the courts and catch up.

    Safe n Happy travels!