Course Correction

One thing I hope you have come to count on in reading my blogs is my honesty. I guess, for me, why bother with it if I can’t be who I am and tell the truth?

This theme is coming more into focus the longer we do this RV thing. I’m just less and less willing to be someone I’m not. And while there’s a part of me that thinks it’s ridiculous that I can’t figure out “little” things like my job and my life, another feels it’s healthy that I don’t assume to have all the answers.

For months now, I’ve been rebranding and developing my new organizing business, Organized Kamper. I’ve worked hard and have had a few successes but, overall, nothing that is bringing in any income.

Maybe I should have named this second company Yikes as well! 🙂

In less than five months I’ve built my Instagram account from 12 followers to 628 as of this morning. I’ve paid to have a professional website built and have written dozens of blogs with what I thought was helpful information for RVers. I’ve taken a five-week class on how to organize virtually and started posting on Pinterest to build a following there.

Finally, last week I stopped long enough to take a serious look at what I was doing and, more importantly, to ask God what’s next? I enjoy organizing and thought because people in RVs naturally have less space and focus on minimalism, this wouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. I was wrong.

I started a business from scratch in 2012 and it wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it. Five years later I felt l had plateaued both in terms of the level of challenge and income potential and wanted to try something new. I know part of it had to do with losing my parents and understanding, in a new way, that life is short.

Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees…

So…what’s the next step?

I was reading over my old journals and devotional books a few weeks ago and remembered that at about the same time I started Yikes Organizing in 2012 God had asked me to put together a devotional book for young women. I was wanting to start attending a new Bible study at my church and felt God clearly saying to take a break from those and compile the information I had learned in almost 50 years of living into a study of my own.

Basically, I felt Him saying, “You don’t need more knowledge, you need to put into practice the things I’ve already told you.”

Ouch. At first that stung a little, but I knew He was right.

As an aside, eleven years ago, I self-published a book on parenting and it’s one of the best things I ever did. I joke it’s because it’s a permanent record of my kids’ childhoods told my way, but it’s also a record of my relationship with God and my struggles and victories. I hope, as my children become parents themselves, it will be a comfort and a guide for them.

This is my parenting book. Simple but I’m proud of it.


Anyway, fast forward five years to the present day and not only did I not compile this information, but I’ve attended more Bible studies since. This is a perfect example of choosing the “good” thing, but not the best thing. Or, maybe, if I’m being totally honest, it’s not even choosing the “good” thing as I was disobedient. (Only I could do a Bible study and have it be the wrong thing to do!) 😊

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.   James 1:22

So, when I finally took the time to slow down and listen, I knew the moment had come to stop stalling and start obeying. I have three daughters in their 20’s and two daughters-in-law, so the idea to do a study for young women still felt right. It was hard being a Godly 30 years ago when I was in my 20’s and things sure haven’t become easier since then.

All this to say that I’m putting Organized Kamper on hold for a bit while I sink my teeth into this devotional book.

I’ve only been working on it for five days but it’s already coming together, and I feel God’s hand in it.

I still hope to blog once a week about our travels and if I come up with some good organizing tips, of course, I will share them.

Brent commented yesterday that I’ve been happier this week than I’ve been in a long time. Hmmm…again, a bit convicting as it just “happens” to coincide with me doing what I probably should have done five years ago. But I love having a purpose and love writing so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that God planted this desire in my heart.

Stay-tuned. Like everyone, my life is certainly a work in progress!