Back Home Again in Indiana

I grew up in northern Indiana and we are back for two weeks.  My oldest son got married this past Saturday and we are taking time to be with family.  It has been fun, but exhausting.  There are just a lot of balls in the air when you are trying to coordinate life with your mother-in-law, six adult kids, their spouses, kids and work schedules.

My baby sister, bless her heart, drove up from the Austin area and spent a week here.  I’m sure she will throw a bigger party than I will when our last child is married and she can stop making these long trips!

Still…I feel very blessed to be a part of this family.  Of course, you can’t gather twenty-some people together and have everything go perfectly, but we all get along and try to prefer each other and everyone is extremely giving.

Five of our six kids. We missed you Marta!

Ben (the groom) was actually at the hospital ER six days before his wedding, having been dehydrated with a bad case of the flu so I was  worried that he would still be sick on his wedding day. 

Ben giving me more gray hair than I already have!!

Although he wasn’t 100 percent, that didn’t deter from the joy of the day.  All in all, we had family members there from ages 10 months to 79 years.

We still have five days here, then it’s back to southern California and up the coast into Seattle.  We have been texting with several full-timers who will be in the same areas this summer and I’m excited about getting together with them.

Like I said, I just feel very blessed to be part of a loving family and to be meeting an amazing new group of people (through social media of all places!) as we continue through this journey of life.

The happy couple at the reception

Carpe diem!