Making the Most of Tiny Spaces in Your RV Bathroom

Today we are going to take a look at your RV bathroom. When we bought our RV, it came with this tiny cabinet above the toilet that has two shelves that are 17” long and 3.5” wide. It took me a while to come up with a solution, because I wanted to make a way so that objects wouldn’t shift and fly out of the cupboard when I opened it for the first time after traveling. Can anyone relate?

I went with Linus shallow drawer organizers.

I got these at The Container Store, but you can also get them at Target, Walmart and probably TJMaxx or Lowe’s. I love how my toiletries stay put and I can group like with like. (The cardinal rule of organization!)

After taking this picture I realized that the towel bar isn’t centered under the cabinet. Grrr… Obviously the people who design these RVs aren’t OCD like yours truly! 🙂


Yes, this is almost all my stuff but hubby has the bigger nightstand all to himself for his toiletries.


Since the drawer organizers are hard to see in the cabinet, I pulled one out for closer inspection!

Many RVers have real cabinets in their bathroom, but ours only has the small medicine cabinet over the toilet and 2-door cabinet under the sink.  I have shoe box sized tubs under there that are stacked up two high.  I also have a silverware caddy that I leave on the counter and it has everyday items like my brush and medicine in it.

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