When is the “Right” Time to RV Full-time

I’ve heard so many people say that once “fill in the blank” happens, then they plan to RV full-time.  While some of the things they are waiting for are valid (an impending retirement), other times I get the feeling that, ten years from now, they will still be talking about someday.

What propels something from a dream to reality?

In my mind, it’s a lot like deciding when to have kids.  We all know that if you wait until you are 100% ready, you will never have children.  I was scared to death when we agreed, three years into our marriage, to stop using birth control.  We weren’t even actively “trying” to have a baby, we just weren’t trying to stop it.  And then when I found out I was having twins, I panicked again.  Nobody consulted me about this, and truthfully, the thought that I could have more than one baby at a time had never crossed my mind.

Why is RVing similar?  Because you are never totally ready.   At some point you must take the plunge and see what happens. 

I’m not saying don’t have a plan, but I am saying to hold it loosely.  In fact, you might want to hold it so loosely that if you drop or lose it you aren’t devastated!

In our first three months of RVing, more things went not according to plan, than according to it.  Even worse, although I didn’t think we were married to a schedule, once we got off that schedule I felt stressed.

Now, for the first time, we are staying somewhere for a month and it’s much easier to relax.

So, my theory is you kind of get into a rhythm and the only way to find that rhythm is to get on the road.


No, this is NOT how long you wait!

At first our goal was to see 49 states in a year but now I’m seeing that if we stick with this long-term, there’s no hurry.

I guess what I’m saying is that if two people whose last camping experience was tent camping 30 years ago can make it work, your odds are good!

Or, put another way, what’s the worst thing that can happen if it doesn’t work out? You go back to the way things were and you have some incredible horror stories to share with family and friends.  😊

I’m sure somebody has said this better than I can, but it’s not failing that’s shameful, it’s being afraid to try.  Are you a good fit to RV full-time?  You will only know if you try.

As usual, happy kamping!