Our Top 12 List of RV Essentials

You can find packing lists on tons of different websites, but my favorite blogs are the ones that list peoples’ must have items.  We are no different and, after four months on the road, these are the things I appreciate the most and consider to be my RV essentials.

  • Electric skillet: I really don’t like the propane smell that comes from the burners on the stove (even with the  exhaust fan on) so this has been a lifesaver.  It also allows Brent to cook outside which keeps some of the mess (and smells) out there.  It’s also super versatile.
  • Throw blanket: Our sofa is leather which is pretty but cold to the touch, so I keep the throw on our sofa. It’s also nice as an extra blanket to put over me at night because Brent and I have an internal temperature difference of about 10 degrees!
  • Atlas and write on/wipe off map: No, you probably won’t need this if you are just a weekend camper but it’s nice for us to plan our route and be able to see it on something bigger than a phone. I had a 2018 atlas and just actually “downgraded” to a close-out 2017 atlas but it was the large print one and the roads are much easier to see.  Brent uses the “Waze” app and I use the atlas every time we head from one place to another and there have been a surprising number of times where both came in handy.
  • Label maker: Granted I used to own an organizing business, so I almost HAVE to say this! But if you don’t want to drag a label maker along, just bring some nice sized labels and a permanent marker for labeling bins.
  • A diffuser: I don’t know what I love more about our diffuser, getting to spray different scents into Fred or the cool light show. I also bought a six-bottle starter pack the most popular essential oils.
  • Cutting boards that fit over the sink and give me more prep/counter space (Many RVs come with these custom made but ours didn’t and I’m a little bitter!) 😊
  • Extra charger: We use this EVERY day and I honestly can’t think of anything I could recommend more.
  • My camping book but a plain journal would do as well. I write down where we stayed, the dates, anything interesting that happened, and if we would want to go back to that campground.  If I liked the campground but didn’t like my spot, I wrote down a better site for next time.
  • The Keurig: I’m not a coffee drinker and refuse to pay $1.00 a cup for hot chocolate when the packets cost pennies but Brent makes two cups of coffee a day and probably would not travel without it.
  • Inexpensive wall clock: Because I’m not glued to my cell phone all day it’s nice to look on the wall of our kitchen and be able to see the time. Best $3.88 at Walmart that I’ve ever spent!
  • Foam mattress topper for our short queen
  • Oxygenics shower head: the verdict is still out on this because I love the extra force of the faucet but it drips when it’s in the “off” position and that drives me crazy!

Again, you may end up only getting two of these items, but I think it’s fun to know what other people feel are essentials.  I would love to hear what your must have list includes!  Also, if you would like a link to any of these items, many of them can be found on my resources page.

Honorable mention:  Our camping chairs, propane grill, the map of the United States that we add stickers to when we visit a new state, collapsible bowls and colander, our mascot Brutus, and our extra step so we don’t break a leg exiting Fred.  (Our class C didn’t come with automatic steps…) ☹