Why I Started OrganizedKamper.com

How did Organized Kamper originate?

In late August 2017, my husband and I left Nashville and headed north in our new RV. We told people we’d be gone a year, but had no idea how this would all play out. I thought I would like it and was definitely ready to do something new. In 2012, I started an organizing business and enjoyed it, but needed a new challenge. Since I’ve only been camping twice and had never even been in an RV,  this qualified.

Of course, you can get tons of information through the internet but it’s like giving birth…there is talking about it and there is doing it and we are total “newbies” in this world.

Still, Brent and I have a good sense of humor and tell ourselves “if it’s funny later, it’s funny now.” Why do I think that maxim will be tested more than once?

Because I’m an organizer, I spent a ridiculous amount of time buying organizing products for our 32- foot Winnebago Minnie Winnie (Fred) and setting “him” up. I thought that was going well until I stumbled upon an article called “35 Things Full-timers Need in Their RV” and we had four of them! But I was determined not to overbuy and some of those things (an inflatable kayak) seemed superfluous anyway. Time will tell.

My happy, but clueless, husband and I standing next to our new home – Fred.

Now we are seven months into this adventure and know so much more than we did when we started. 

We are still learning but I thought it would be fun to share my experiences and maybe help a fellow sojourner.  I love to write and have had some success with it in the past so thought I would give it another try.

Here are some of the topics I’ll cover in upcoming blogs…

  • Practically Perfect: How to Organize Different Areas of Your RV (Series of blogs)
  • What to Buy to Organize Like a Pro (Series of blogs.)
  • Basement Storage: Love it or List it
  • Home is Where You Park it (Making Your RV Homey)
  • Oops… I Did It Again (What Not to Buy)
  • RV Apps for Dummies
  • Avoiding Four Common Pitfalls in Setting up your RV
  • My Affair with The Container Store (Making the Most of Small Spaces)
  • Love the Home You’re In (No RV is Perfect)
  • 12 RV Must-Haves
  • Staying Organized When Your Family Isn’t
  • What to do When “Plan D” Isn’t Working (How to Live More and Worry Less)

Also, I would love for this to be interactive so if you have questions or would like to hear about a certain topic, please let me know.

Happy Kamping!