Perspective is Everything

In one of the devotion books I’ve been reading it said, “When things don’t go the way you want, accept the situation immediately.” While I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, I have found that, for me at least, this is good advice.

We were a day away from our semi-permanent place here in southern CA, and I was watching a show on my tablet and it just stopped working. I tried restarting it about 10 times and nothing. I let it sit overnight and tried again. Nothing. As it was less than three years old I was hopeful that it was fixable but in the back of my mind this little song was playing that said, “It happened. Deal with it and move on.”

Brent worked hard to try to fix it but after another computer-less day, we finally went to Best Buy to get it looked over. I was a little anxious when I saw that the next available appointment was at 2:20 and we were there when it opened at 10. It only took the computer “Geek” (their word, not mine!) two minutes to tell us that it was, indeed, a lost cause.

Because I’m not tech savvy at all, losing my laptop is a big deal. I’m terrible at saving my old passwords and don’t back things up nearly enough. I’ve been working hard on a devotional book for the past six months and although I had mailed it to Brent recently, I still lost some key changes and that has me frustrated. I also had about 200 “important” things bookmarked and, apparently, those don’t get saved in a backup.

I miss my laptop and am frustrated about the things that are different now. What I should be thankful for is that we had enough money to replace it and that Brent has been so helpful in setting up this new computer.

I had three key words that I was focusing on in 2018 and they were fearless, grateful and intentional. While I still love my three words (they are touchy if they don’t get enough praise!) I think a fourth word that has come to the forefront is perspective. Some things are a big deal and need to be treated as such but in the scheme of things, my laptop dying is not one of them.

I’m hopeful though that some real growth is happening and sadly, none of us seem to grow much when everything hums along. Why is that, I wonder?

So, on the days (hours…lol) that things do go smoothly, I’m working on being grateful and realizing how ridiculously blessed I am.

Fred Gets a Facelift

I haven’t been just playing for the past six weeks, although I haven’t exactly been working my tail off either. Sometimes I’m so ridiculously grateful for my cell phone and IG because I forget how awesome my summer really was until I look back over the pictures and posts.

We celebrated two milestones this summer. 33 years of marriage (good grief!) and our 1-year nomadiversary. I’m not sure whether it’s more surprising that we got to year 33 or survived our first year on the road together! 😊

Anyway, I used the one-year thing to justify some changes in Fred. The most important ones were making him more comfortable for Brent. (Just call me The Good Wife!) The short queen bed just wasn’t working out and, truthfully, I was getting a little tired of sleeping on the jack-knife sofa most nights to give him more space. So, we ripped out the one nightstand, my brother-in-law built a frame extension and we got a short king bed. It’s a million times better. We had to stick with the “short” part because when the slide closes there isn’t room for a regular king, but we are so much happier and the new mattress is amazing.

Another project was more cosmetic but since we made the bed bigger the standard issue headboard didn’t work anymore because it was queen-sized. That means I had to tear it out (I like demo almost as much as Chip Gaines) and put up a new one.

We also got a recliner set and got rid of the uncomfortable sofa. (Thank you, Lord. I won’t miss that at all!) Again, this is more for Brent’s comfort because he had been watching tv from the dinette booth and his head was always at a weird angle. He LOVES the new recliners, which I drove almost two hours to test out, so I’m feeling like that was a win/win.

A fourth project was, again, a cosmetic one. Although I really like the gray color of Fred, as opposed to a million brown RV’s out there, it ended up being too much of a good thing. I tore up the old back-splash, which was one row so not much of a challenge, and put down a new peel-and-stick back-splash. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped because I’m impatient, but the overall effect is great as Fred is much brighter now.


All in all, we are super pumped about the improvements and I’m excited to use the recliner as it got put in right before I left for Nashville.

Currently we are headed west again and by mid-October, God willing, will be in southern California.


I’m baaaaack!

Hey Everyone,

(If there is still anyone checking this?)

I’m back.  Kind of sorry, not sorry about the break in the action.  I just needed a break from this format and was busy with other things.  I hope this fall to get back into blogging at least once a week.

Quick update.  In the middle of July we landed at my sister and brothers-in-law’s farm (which used to be my parent’s place).  They were kind enough to let us moochdock there for most of the summer.  I left last week but Brent is bringing Fred to the Nashville area (where I am) on Tuesday.

We have enjoyed our time in Fort Wayne and especially with family but are kind of anxious to get back on the road again.  We are excited about our fall and winter campground in southern CA and the important work that I will be doing there.  Yes, as I might have mentioned before, you are looking at (well, kinda) the new water volleyball coordinator for CatSpa! It’s really a dream job and gets us a free spot at the resort for six months.  We will still need to work other jobs as well but it’s a good start.

I’ve had such a great time this summer reconnecting with family and friends.  I’ve been so blessed this past year that I haven’t had to “work” and so could concentrate on other things…like my writing.  But all good things must come to an end, even though, for the most part, I enjoy transitions.  I’m ready to go full steam ahead with my Bible study and look into some freelance writing.

Because we have been in northern IN most of the summer, we don’t have any great pictures of beautiful places to share, but I have gotten back into organizing on a small scale (which is WAY more fun when I don’t have to do it every day) and we have been making some improvements to Fred which I will share pictures of as soon as I get them loaded from my iphone to my computer.

Anyway, just wanted to do a short blurb to say I’m back and, if you read this, please consider dropping me a short note.  I’m just going to be very honest and say that words of affirmation are my love language and it’s a lot easier to continue with it if I feel like it’s being read and enjoyed by people…well, anyone really!

Until next time,




When Your Playground Becomes a Water Park

I’ve been feeling restless this past week.  It’s a combination of things but sometimes life in 250 square feet (or whatever our exact measurements are) can be rough.  I was just feeling penned in and claustrophobic.

Brent and I are planning on visiting Nashville (where we spent seven years before our travels started) at the end of August, but suddenly that didn’t feel soon enough. I still have a daughter and son-in-law there and a bunch of friends and I’ve been feeling “homesick.”

Long story short, I checked into flights and found out that you can book them the same way you book hotels (through Priceline) and get much better rates if you leave a few things up to chance…like when you leave and where your layover is.  So, I threw caution to the wind and booked a flight for tomorrow!

I’m excited for the change of pace, to shower in a real shower and sleep in a bed that’s big enough for me.  RV life is wonderful overall, but there are some things I miss…a lot! I’m ready to get caught up with family, connect with some clients, and play tennis…for the first time in five months.  Sheesh!

Our campground for the past 10 days has been interesting.  We are right on the Mississippi River (or an inlet?) and it has been rising every day.  There has been some flooding in the campground, but they have a very sophisticated system of knowing how much the water will rise every day and where it will crest.

I had been hoping to go kayaking, canoeing and SUPing but the water has been too high, and they won’t rent anything until the water gets back down to a “normal” level.  Oh well, I got out there one day anyway in a kayak and it was a little scary (because I was alone on the river) but fun.

The plan after I get back is to spend another week or so here and then head back to Fort Wayne for about six weeks.  I feel like the summer will go fast and before we know it we will be heading back to southern CA for our fall/winter work camp time.

I’m staying out of trouble by working on a devotional book for women.  I thought about putting it together five years ago and never did so this is long overdue.  I’m excited to get everything that I’ve learned about God in 50 plus years down on paper.  I hope it encourages someone!

All in all, things are good, and life continues to surprise me.



Course Correction

One thing I hope you have come to count on in reading my blogs is my honesty. I guess, for me, why bother with it if I can’t be who I am and tell the truth?

This theme is coming more into focus the longer we do this RV thing. I’m just less and less willing to be someone I’m not. And while there’s a part of me that thinks it’s ridiculous that I can’t figure out “little” things like my job and my life, another feels it’s healthy that I don’t assume to have all the answers.

For months now, I’ve been rebranding and developing my new organizing business, Organized Kamper. I’ve worked hard and have had a few successes but, overall, nothing that is bringing in any income.

Maybe I should have named this second company Yikes as well! 🙂

In less than five months I’ve built my Instagram account from 12 followers to 628 as of this morning. I’ve paid to have a professional website built and have written dozens of blogs with what I thought was helpful information for RVers. I’ve taken a five-week class on how to organize virtually and started posting on Pinterest to build a following there.

Finally, last week I stopped long enough to take a serious look at what I was doing and, more importantly, to ask God what’s next? I enjoy organizing and thought because people in RVs naturally have less space and focus on minimalism, this wouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. I was wrong.

I started a business from scratch in 2012 and it wasn’t easy, but I stuck with it. Five years later I felt l had plateaued both in terms of the level of challenge and income potential and wanted to try something new. I know part of it had to do with losing my parents and understanding, in a new way, that life is short.

Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees…

So…what’s the next step?

I was reading over my old journals and devotional books a few weeks ago and remembered that at about the same time I started Yikes Organizing in 2012 God had asked me to put together a devotional book for young women. I was wanting to start attending a new Bible study at my church and felt God clearly saying to take a break from those and compile the information I had learned in almost 50 years of living into a study of my own.

Basically, I felt Him saying, “You don’t need more knowledge, you need to put into practice the things I’ve already told you.”

Ouch. At first that stung a little, but I knew He was right.

As an aside, eleven years ago, I self-published a book on parenting and it’s one of the best things I ever did. I joke it’s because it’s a permanent record of my kids’ childhoods told my way, but it’s also a record of my relationship with God and my struggles and victories. I hope, as my children become parents themselves, it will be a comfort and a guide for them.

This is my parenting book. Simple but I’m proud of it.


Anyway, fast forward five years to the present day and not only did I not compile this information, but I’ve attended more Bible studies since. This is a perfect example of choosing the “good” thing, but not the best thing. Or, maybe, if I’m being totally honest, it’s not even choosing the “good” thing as I was disobedient. (Only I could do a Bible study and have it be the wrong thing to do!) 😊

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.   James 1:22

So, when I finally took the time to slow down and listen, I knew the moment had come to stop stalling and start obeying. I have three daughters in their 20’s and two daughters-in-law, so the idea to do a study for young women still felt right. It was hard being a Godly 30 years ago when I was in my 20’s and things sure haven’t become easier since then.

All this to say that I’m putting Organized Kamper on hold for a bit while I sink my teeth into this devotional book.

I’ve only been working on it for five days but it’s already coming together, and I feel God’s hand in it.

I still hope to blog once a week about our travels and if I come up with some good organizing tips, of course, I will share them.

Brent commented yesterday that I’ve been happier this week than I’ve been in a long time. Hmmm…again, a bit convicting as it just “happens” to coincide with me doing what I probably should have done five years ago. But I love having a purpose and love writing so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to think that God planted this desire in my heart.

Stay-tuned. Like everyone, my life is certainly a work in progress!

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster Called Life

I regret combining my personal blog (which used to be at with because now I feel like my blog is this weird mix of personal information and organizing tips.

Well, what’s done is done and would be a total pain to undo so I guess I will let sleeping dogs lie. But sometimes I just want to write from the heart and not worry about it being “practical”, “helpful” or “instructional.”

It has been an emotional month.

First, we flew from southern CA to northern IN in the middle of April for our son’s wedding. While it was beautiful and great to get most of the family together, it was stressful for us not to be in our “home” for two weeks and I was super sad that our daughter Marta couldn’t join us. I totally understand why and don’t fault her one bit, but it was still a disappointment.

When we have to get across the country quickly, it’s cheaper to fly than to go in Fred. Gas is a major cost we hadn’t anticipated in seeing all the states in a year. Duh!

We got back and three days later had the Jeep accident 20 minutes from our campground as we were heading to Las Vegas to see the Elton John concert. (A gift for me from my wonderful hubby.) So, we had to make big decisions on what to do and ultimately ended up leaving Riley (our Jeep) behind as we headed north. This decision (which turned out to be 100% correct) was predicated by an appointment that we had for Fred (our RV) to get fixed before our one-year warranty ended. Sadly, the appointment was in Junction City, OR so we had to keep heading north.

We did get Fred fixed, after two tries and two separate stays in Junction City, but now we are in Spokane and roughly 1,277 miles from Riley, who they THINK will be fixed by the second week of June. Groan…

Sometimes I feel like we accidentally touched a domino, which, when it fell, started a chain reaction that we aren’t quick enough to stop.

In a rare moment of selflessness on my part, we stopped in the middle of Washington this past Sunday so that we would have a permanent address long enough to get Brent a new phone. Long story there but his home button stopped working and it was essentially useless after that. So, we were in a town with less than 100 people for four days with no car. Our view was two abandoned restaurants, a dumpy hotel and (the bright side) the Columbia River.

This was the GOOD view from the middle of nowhere!

By Thursday, even though our reservation was for another night, I was going a little crazy and I don’t think Brent was far behind. We decided to leave a day early and go to our next spot, a casino near Spokane. We got here yesterday, and I’ve never been so glad to be anywhere new in my life. We were able to stop at Walmart and buy some food and are now hanging out in the casino parking lot. The casino itself is very nice and I’ve been able to walk again without being afraid of getting mugged or attacked by a rogue cougar. By the way, while it is very rare, a cyclist was killed last week in WA by one so it does happen.

But, back to my story, while all this other crazy stuff has been happening, our 11-month-old grandson has been losing weight for the past six weeks and they can’t figure out why. He has been tested for celiac and just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and hopefully they can get it figured out soon but it’s constantly on my mind.

I know the Bible says not to worry about tomorrow, but I can’t seem to turn that off. I think I’ve done every study that can be done on the topic and nothing helps. Somehow for me it’s harder because I know God can turn any bad situation around and then many times chooses not to do it. I know God doesn’t promise us an easy life and I have been given so much in comparison with the standards most of the world lives by and then it becomes this messy jumble of doubt and self-scrutiny.

Well, that’s another tangent for another day but I often feel like a wave tossed by the ocean, which, of course, is a Bible verse about doubt. Oh my! 😊
BREAKING NEWS: Literally while I’m writing this post, Brent comes back to the RV (he had been at the casino) to tell me that the new phone he got DAYS AGO is lost. He set it down on a slot machine and got up and left it there and, of course, somebody stole it. REALLY??

I’m going to stop writing now. Lord, help us…

Okay, it’s (magically!) the next day now. We DID get Brent’s phone back, but it had been stolen and we had to file a police report and the whole nine yards. The thief came back to the casino and still had the phone in his car. He was picked up by security who recognized him through facial recognition software (yikes!) and he confessed. He started crying when grabbed by security so apparently wasn’t a hardened criminal but the whole day still was stressful.

Of course, there’s always a silver lining. I spent the afternoon with my childhood neighbor, Patty, that I hadn’t seen since my wedding. We had a lot of fun and she got a kick out of being involved in the great phone heist of 2018!

We have finally figured out what we are going to do to the person who stole Brent’s phone. Don’t mess with two girls from the midwest!

The ride continues…

6 Steps to Avoiding a “Clutter Emergency”

Spoiler Alert: I don’t save lives. I don’t save whales. I don’t even save plastic bags. (Don’t judge!) BUT… If you have a clutter emergency, I’m the woman to call.

The idea of a clutter emergency comes from one of my Nashville clients. She told me she needed me to come over ASAP but didn’t want to go so far as to call it a “clutter emergency.” I thought this was cute and it became an ongoing joke between us, but it also got me to thinking about what I do for a living and the importance of organizing.

My old business was called Yikes Organizing and my tagline was Lose the Clutter, Not Your Mind. Now that we are full-time RVing, I changed the name to better reflect our new lifestyle (Organized Kamper) but the tagline is still the same.

While this was meant to be tongue in cheek, there is more than a kernel of truth there. In fact, experts are now saying that hoarders have a psychological disorder. But that’s a blog for another day. This one is about people who have let everyday clutter get the best of them.

Like any other issue, it doesn’t start out a big deal, but, if left unchecked, can get to the point where it has a life of its own. (Think of your clutter problem as a small cavity. If you deal with it before it gets too big, it’s not that painful. But if you ignore it and act like it will just go away on its own, at some point you are going to be in for a world of hurt.)

So how do you get things back under control when a clutter emergency strikes?

First, let me back up a second.

If you live in a home, the clutter may be confined to one or two areas, perhaps a garage, a spare bedroom or your dining room table. But when you live in an RV, if you have a jacket on the sofa and several dishes in the sink, it may feel like a clutter emergency in the making. Thus, the first thing you need to do is decide what I’m calling your clutter comfort level.

There are entire books devoted to this topic and some say that in order to be creative, you need a bit of chaos. I actually agree with this to some extent, but if you live in 300 square feet, there’s less latitude. So, the first thing you need to decide is what level of chaos/disorder/clutter is acceptable.

  • Access current clutter level and if it is making you stressed. If it isn’t, you don’t need to be reading this so have a great day! If it is, then…
  • Take a realistic look at what is causing the clutter. Think over these possible reasons as you go through the rest of the steps.

a. Is it because you have too much of the same thing?
b. Is it because you don’t have good storage options for the things you have?
c. Is it because you aren’t storing what you have in the right place?
d. Or…is it because you aren’t storing things in the most efficient manner?

In most situations I dealt with as a Certified Professional Organizer, it was a combination of things but I would always ask the client or clients where they wanted to start. If the whole house was a “disaster” (their words not mine) we could either start with the area that was bothering them the most or a smaller area that I knew we could conquer in one session. If they were nervous and overwhelmed, we might start with a small area to build up their confidence.


  • Start sorting the objects in the area you are working by functionality.
  • Weed out the things you don’t need or have duplicates of and put in a donation pile.  If you have things that you want but don’t belong where you have them, take them to the new location.
  • AFTER you decide both what you are keeping and that this is the best location for them, then and only then do you get to buy cute little containers and bins.

This is NOT the first step in the process and don’t forget that many times you can re-purpose something from somewhere else in your camper. If you don’t have the correct size container, research online and order what you need. It’s better to do some research (including measurements) on the front end so you know what you get will work.

  • Repeat this process in each area that needs help. Don’t tell yourself that your goal is to get your whole RV organized in a day because that’s not very likely to happen. But you can tackle one area a day.

I have simplified the process a bit, but most people had an understanding at some level of what needed to happen. They just needed encouragement and accountability to make it happen.

I will say one thing.

One hundred percent of the people I worked with over the five-year period in Nashville said that they felt “lighter” or “less stressed” or “freer” or some such adjective after getting organized. I wondered if this feeling would hold true for RVers and the answer is a resounding yes.

In fact, it might be even more important since you don’t have those areas like the garage or extra bedroom to fall back on. Getting organized will make your life better. I guarantee it!


The Top 25 Indicators That You Are A Full-Time RVer…

Full-time RVers have issues that are unique to them.  Do you think you might have what it takes to spend a year or more on the road?  Find out by seeing how this list makes you feel!  If I could summarize the last 9 months in a few short sentences, these are the top 25 things would make the cut

You are a full-time RVer if…

  • You measure your poop and fresh water levels are on a daily basis.
  • You have had to turn around or make a detour because your motor home was taller than the bridge.
  • If they made a movie of your life, “Hello, I Must Be Going”would be your theme song.
  • Your best friends are fellow RVers from Instagram that you may or may not have ever met in person.
  • You spend more time planning your travels than actually traveling.
  • Your family can never remember what state you are in.
  • You have moochdocked in a friends’ or relatives’ driveway. You have boondocked in a casino or Walmart parking lot and are proud of it.



  • You pay attention to high wind warnings and plan your travels around storms.
  • Your friends who don’t RV either think you’re nuts or they’re totally jealous.
  • You buy a second pair of tennis shoes and feel guilty about the excess.
But they’re CLASSICS!!!


  • You think showering every other day is PLENTY! 😊
  • There are certain cities you avoid at rush hour or swear you will never go through again… Phoenix and Houston immediately come to mind!
  • Your first purchase after getting west of the Mississippi is a national park pass.
  • You wear a sweatshirt with your favorite college football team on it and find out that halfway across the country nobody knows who they are.  O…H… ??
  • Your worst nightmare begins with the words, “The next opening we have to possible squeeze your RV in for that (insert major repair here that you can’t live without…like electricity or a slide that won’t retract) is six weeks from next Tuesday.”
Six weeks later…. 🙂
  • People ask you where you are from or what you do and you can’t think of a quick answer.
  • You are pretty sure there’s a nationwide conspiracy involving RV parks and trains.
  • You excel at Tetris because you do it every day putting things away in your camper.
Not easy but oh so satisfying when it all works…
  • You can clean your home from top to bottom in under an hour.
  • Weekends lose their importance because you make your own schedule. In fact, you might have to think for a moment before remembering what day of the week it is.
  • Your life would be complete if only your adult kids could travel with you…in their own campers, of course!
  • Instead of being envious of someone’s car or home, it’s their residential-sized refrigerator that has you seeing green!
Okay, I might actually be jealous of this whole kitchen!
  • You daily battle the FOMO syndrome as you hear about all the cool places your fellow full-timers are experiencing.
  • Time zones have significance because you don’t want to call family and friends at 4:00 a.m. their time.
  • You go to a different church almost every Sunday of the year.


Does this lifestyle sound appealing to you? 

Like I said, our friends seem fairly evenly split on this, but, just like life in a sticks and bricks home, (Yes, we have our own lingo too!) this lifestyle certainly has it’s share of challenges and rewards.

Is the Full-time RV Lifestyle Take All You Can, Give Nothing Back?

This is a question I’ve been dealing with almost ever since we got on the road. There are many reasons people choose the RV lifestyle. Some who do this realize we have a limited amount of time on this earth and the traditional 9-5 model with a house and a mortgage didn’t work for them. They decided to not just whine about it but do something radical. So that seems positive, right?

Others, especially those with young children, want to spend more time together, giving their kids experiences rather than things and that’s admirable.

The RV lifestyle allows for that and they’re grateful they took the chance. And, I must say, in the nine months we have been traveling, we haven’t met anybody whose motives seems suspect or are obviously running away from something. (Well, except for that RV that was being chased down the highway by cops and caught on t.v. last week!) Really? You think you can outrun the police in a motorhome? Give me a break!

What I’m saying is that I don’t think people are intentionally selfish when choosing to RV full-time. In fact, in some ways, it’s the opposite. They want to focus more on people and less on things. But once you are on the road, it feels a bit self-serving, at least for me. Brent and I often make decisions based on what’s best for us, what we want to do and where we want to go. And although sometimes this feels okay, at others it seems weird and slightly suspect. Maybe because we get to do such neat things on a regular basis?

Usually when I start a blog there’s a point to it, but this is more of a stream of consciousness. I do love that about blogging. Sure, there are some rules, but, really, aren’t they more like guidelines? (Thank you Captain Barbossa for that setup!)😊

When we lived in Nashville and I owned Yikes Organizing, I did some volunteer work, but the greatest satisfaction came from helping people get their homes (and often, lives) in order.

Right now, I’m not helping anyone daily and that feels wrong. We have done several outreaches while on the road, both with Habitat for Humanity and the Austin Disaster Relief Network, but it’s not the same as doing something every day.

I’m having to think outside the box and while this is fun, I’m not sure it’s enough. My latest little outreach has been to put a trunk in the back of our Jeep that acts as a treasure chest. (Notice how I’m developing this pirate theme?) Now when we park next to kids, each one can each pick something out of it.

It’s mostly kids’ books but there are also some toys and games. It’s a tiny way to reach out but is fun and fits my personality. Of course, since I’ve set this up we have spent two weeks in Indiana and then almost a week getting Fred fixed (where our view was a parking lot) so it remains to be seen how successful this will be.

I know there are other ways to give. A few days ago, in the waiting room at the RV dealership, Brent and I struck up a conversation with the neatest guy. He was 65 and 18 months ago had a stroke and it had him rethinking his life. He doesn’t RV full-time because his wife isn’t ready for that, but it was just one of those connections that was short but special.

If the RV life had a soundtrack, this would be the title track…

At the end of our 90 minutes together I gave Stacy a big hug and as we drove away I realized (again) that maybe all I need to do is be available and kind. Hmmm…. I’m still working through this – issue #182 if you have been following my blogs at all, but it’s interesting to ponder.

Maybe the answer is to take all you can and give everything back.

5 Ways to Be Productive While in a Traffic Jam

If you’ve been an RVer long enough, this will have happened. You get on the freeway with your GPS pointing north (metaphorically) and plans to be at your next destination by mid-afternoon at the latest.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens. There is unexpected construction, or you must go out of your way to find a suitable gas station or the wait at Subway is 20 minutes. But the biggest frustration is when a highway shuts down and you are stuck for hours without moving in a traffic jam. Now, not only are you “wasting” time, you are wasting precious gas.

I try little things to make myself feel better. If it’s a wreck I’m thankful we weren’t in it and pray for those who were. If it’s construction, I try to keep it in perspective. We will still get where we are going…eventually!

However, if you are in an RV, you can do more than just not whine. You can be productive!

1) You can call or text a friend that you haven’t talked to for a long time. Just scroll through your contacts and when you find someone who you have been missing, tell them so.

2) Find a small section of your RV and clean it up. Organize a pantry or start cleaning out your fridge. This is a win/win because if you get it finished it’s a yucky chore out of the way and if you get halfway done and you start moving again, that’s good too.

3) Make friends with your fellow travelers. Most of the poor goobers around you are stuck in their cars without a month’s worth of food on them. You probably have bottled water, beer and snacks. If you offer them to somebody in line near you, you will be their hero!

4) If you are traveling with kids, have an “emergency” bin with games that you only get to play at times like this…or when three days of nonstop rain has you all a little stir crazy. That way the games are special, and they won’t drive you nuts with the “When will we be there?” questions.

True story: When I was young, my mom bought me a little slot machine and we drove from Indiana to Maine and that’s all I did the whole time! (We won’t delve into what this says about either my mother or me, but the point is that it was a special toy and I played the heck out of it on that trip!)

I was going to say that if you are traveling with adults you might want your own emergency bin, but I don’t want to condone drinking on the road! 😊 (Although my special bin would have Hostess cupcakes in it!)

5) Brainstorm about anything you want. Work on your bucket list. make a list of books you want to read or places you want to visit. Read up on how to add solar to your RV or how to make your RV homier. The point is to give yourself permission to think outside the box.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to be stuck as long as it takes to clear the road. Making the best of a tough situation isn’t always easy, but if you have a good attitude, you can make any unexpected road stop fun (or at least bearable) and productive.

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